The Dora Dora Massacre was the reprisal killing of Indigenous people after the failed raid on the Dora Dora homestead. A neighbour, John Jobbins, a convict turned business-man was renowned for his hatred of Indigenous people and decided to send a clear message they had no rights to the land and should never threaten squatters again. (1)

About the same time as the failed raid on the Dora Dora homestead two of Spaldings stockmen were speared at Thologolong. It is thought the fear that ran through the settlers caused them to band together under Jobbins and drive all the Blacks, including men, women and children into the hills. Elliot Herriot of Dora Dora run believed no more than 12 Indigenous people were killed, ‘as the Blacks were too cunning to come into the open, and were very clever at concealing themselves.’ (2)

Jobbins was never censured for the massacre. (3)


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